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Corporate Partnership

At Be Mental Healthy, we are really proud to have partnered our business with the Children's Heart Surgery Fund.  This means that on certain courses, we will be donating to the charity for each booking we receive.

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Oscar Hall

In 2014, my wife and I became proud parents for the first time after a number of years without getting pregnant.

While most things went ok with my wife's pregnancy, it wasn't without it's complications which meant extra growth scans for Oscar and additional care for my wife as she was suffering with an un-diagnosed blood clot that was being hidden by our son.

The Dr's and medical staff had decided that it was time to bring our little one into the world and thus went the motions of our first child arriving.  

Oscar arrived at 5:30pm in the evening and to this day, I still remember that he didn't cry.  No big intakes of breath, no noise.  With in a couple of minutes I had Oscar in my arms, the first hold of my son.  With in another couple of minutes, he was taken away from me to the sound of emergency alarms and full crash unit from the nearby neonatal intensive care unit bursting through the door.  The only way I describe to this others was almost watching a scene from a medical TV show.

In shock, my wife started asking questions that I just could not answer.  The Doctors and Nurses were doing their thing and I could do nothing else but put my full faith and trust in them to know what to do.  Oscar was taken to intensive care roughly 6 minutes after being born. 


It was in the next 9 days that we became aware of the Children's Heart Surgery Fund.


In was in the next 9 days that we became aware of the Children's Heart Surgery Fund.  We noticed posters, stickers, furntiure, clothes, blankets that had been provided by the charity to the HDU ward for parents and for all the children.  

We met so many families on the ward, all with children with varying degress of heart problems as congenital heart defects effect 1/100 babies born.